New Lifesteal Seasons!

Jul 19, 2022

Once again... The time is here! The MineRival team has put in countless hours into this next season and it's ready. This new season is completely based on the MineRival Community's suggestions and is truly incredible.

Our New Lifesteal Seasons for all Red, Blue, and Green releases on Saturday 1 PM EST with so many features that you simply will not want to miss:

x3 Unique Summer-Themed Spawns + Warzones
Return of Trading
Better Daily Rewards
Better Playtime Rewards
New Shops & Prices
Auction House, Bidding, and Economy Update
Balanced Timers (Enderpearl, PvP, etc)
Spawner Wrenches (Get Spawners)
Buy Ranks & Loot Boxes with Coins
Coins & Ranks Save from Previous Seasons!
Exclusive Summer Cosmetics (Tags/Hats)
Mini King Of The Hill Events
Keys, Ranks, and Loot Boxes are all Cheaper
Boss Fights For Epic Rewards
More Gambling Games
New Balanced/Worth it Crate System
Chat Item Previews
Crate Key Rank Vouchers
Better Leaderboards
Good Crate Key Alls (Happening Often)
Time Zone Friendly Events
Fixed Server/PvP Lag
Discord Linking System
Massive Content Creators
Bigger Events & Weekly Crystal PvP Events (x2 Weekly Events)
Constant Huge Weekly Updates

... And so much more …

But even though this season is coming to an end... It's not over yet! On Friday July 22nd, 1 PM EST (Last Day of the Season) we will be doing a Dragon Egg Event, whoever obtains the Dragon Egg wins the ENTIRE Season and obtains an exclusive Champion Tag + $100 For The New Season!

• There will be x3 Dragon Events on all 3 Lifesteal Colours at the same time! (Red, Blue, and Green)
• Prepare your items, find the stronghold, and get ready - You have 3 days to prepare...
• Server downtime will be activated after the final Dragon Event on all Lifesteal Red, Blue, and Green!

We have also posted a Calendar of the new season in our discord!

Thank You...

We thank everyone who contributed to our network to make it something that is filled with competitive and non-competitive players alike. Without your support, we would not be where we are today. We're excited to only have 24 hour downtime and thank you for reading and we'll see you on Saturday 1PM EST (July 23rd) for the brand new season launch...