Anything that disrupts the flow of the chat. Common forms of spam includes typing in capital letters, posting multiple of the same or similar messages within a short amount of time, or sending messages which do not make sense.
Inappropriate Content
Swearing is acceptable as long as it's not towards anyone. Discussing or saying anything sexual or drug related is considered inappropriate. If you direct a rude message towards a player, it may be considered inappropriate without including of the any above listed. False or insulting messages also falls under this category.
Chatting or any other methods of communication about a product, service, or media that is not related to MineRival is not allowed. Stream/YT Links must be related to MineRival and can only be sent once every 30 minutes. You may not promote other servers through the main chat or personal messages. This also goes for discord links and websites.
To make the server enjoyable for everyone you should not exclude or insult someone based on age, disability, gender reassignment, maternity, race, religion, belief, sex or sexual orientation. We are a LGBT+ friendly server so any LGBTphobic comments will not be tolerated.
Illegal Modifications
Anything that gives you an unfair advantage, including but not limited to, any mods, hacks, macros, and xray texture packs, is not allowed. Using autoclickers, mini maps, and inventory checkers are not allowed.
Punishment Evasion
Using an alternative account to bypass a punishment like a mute or ban is considered punishment evasion.
IRL/Cross Server Trading
You cannot trade in-game items for real life value (such as Paypal transactions or direct MineRival webstore purchases) nor can you trade in-game items for items on another server. This is not allowed as it commonly results in scams which leads to one or more parties being upset.
Inappropriate Gameplay
Inappropriate Gameplay refers to being inappropriate outside of the chat function. Creating any inappropriate structures, including signs, or having an inappropriate entity name. Anything that depicts something sexual, racist, or offensive is not allowed.
Bug Abuse
Exploiting a bug, glitch or error in the server for your own advantage is not allowed. Please report all bugs to staff or on Discord via tickets.
Teleport Trapping
Teleport trapping refers to tricking players to teleport to you so you can kill them. This is allowed. Teleport trapping is only NOT allowed when you use the void to kill a player.
Team Insiding
Team insiding refers to betraying your team. When inviting someone to your team ensure you trust them, because this is allowed.
Feature Abuse
Abusing features by using it in any way other than intended is not allowed eg. using the auction house to advertise, pie charts for raiding, renaming items or nicking yourself improperly, reaching the nether roof, trident with player weather, etc.
Destroying, raiding, or damaging someone's property or build is allowed. Griefing spawn is not allowed, this includes: lava casting, animal filling, powder snow glitching, and boat filling.
Making an agreement with another player and not upholding your end of the deal is considered scamming but it is allowed.
Inappropriate IGN or Skin
Having an IGN or Skin that violates our Inappropriate Content or Discrimination rules is not allowed.
DDos/Swat Threats/IP Grabbing
Any sort of DDos or SWAT Threats will be taken seriously and is strictly forbidden. IP Grabbing or sending an IP in chat is not allowed. All "jokes" will be taken seriously and handled accordingly.
Releasing Personal Information
Personal information should not be shared on the server. Whether the information is true or false, you cannot share information which is likely to identify someone beyond their IGN.
Abusing exploits or bugs to duplicate your items or currency gives you an unfair advantage. If you find a duplication exploit you should report it to Server Management as soon as you can.
Boosting refers to using a friend, alternative account, or others to boost your hearts or kills on purpose. This is not allowed.
Alting refers to using alternative accounts to connect to the server. You're allowed a maximum of 3 accounts per person.